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Browser for Gamers

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built to complement the avid gamer. This game browser comes with unique features to help users get the most out of both their gaming and browsing.

Improving Gaming Performance

Opera GX is a browser designed for gamers. However, while it may be built for browser-centric games like Google's Stadia, it does not function that way. It will not let you stream games. What the app does is boost the performance of your Chromium-based gameplay by limiting the CPU and RAM that your browser uses. 

The RAM limiter lets you choose how much memory the Opera GX uses. Its default setting aims to strike a balance between saving memory and providing a better experience for the users. Opera GX will try to stay below or at the selected memory allotment. The CPU limiter, on the other hand, lets you put a cap on how much of your computer's processing the browser can use and save the rest for gaming. Using this function, you will be able to keep your browser open even if you are playing or streaming a resource-heavy game

Opera GX does not only help you save computer resources and boost gaming performance, but it also comes with other functions built with avid gamers in mind. It has a GX Corner panel that features news about upcoming games. This panel also comes with a deal aggregator with links to games on sale. 

The app also features a built-in Twitch panel that lets you browse the channels you follow, see who's online streaming at the moment, and even get notifications when a channel you are following has started live streaming. Opera GX also plays GX sound effects composed in collaboration with sound designer Ruben Rincon and the band Berlinist

App Interface and Other Features

What users would notice first about the Opera GX app is that it has the gaming browser look. The app goes for a dark theme and bright colors typical of gaming peripherals and PCs. But, it does not end there. With a quick click on the Easy Setup icon, you can personalize the look of your Opera GX by selecting any color you want. You can even choose the special effects, themes, and even the wallpaper

Opera GX also features Razer Chroma integration, so any color or theme changes you made within the app will apply on any Chroma-enabled accessories, including Razer's DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse or BlackWidow keyboard. 

Opera GX also caters to non-gamers by touting several other features found on the Opera browser. This includes messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp, so you can chat right from the browser's interface. Of course, there is also an ad blocker and a free unlimited browser VPN built within the built-in tracker. Users can also add Opera and Chrome extensions to the Opera GX app. 

Should You Use Opera GX? 

If you are an avid gamer and is looking for a way to boost your gaming performance, then go ahead and give Opera GX a try. The main attraction of the app is its aesthetics and built-in features that are designed with gamers in mind. You also cannot disregard its RAM and CPU limiters that are built to give you a better experience. And with other Opera-based features available, even non-gamers will find Opera GX worth a shot. 

The first gaming browser

Opera GX features a new, gaming-inspired design and an array of features that let you not only customize the look of your browser but also limit your computer’s CPU and memory usage.

GX Control lets users control the CPU and RAM usage by the browser
The GX Control panel is a brand new feature which lets you define how much of your computer’s CPU or RAM you are willing to let your browser use. By toggling on the circle, one can choose to devote a certain percentage of the computer’s resources to the browser. Opera GX will stay within these limits. This means that, unlike other memory-hungry browsers, Opera GX puts gamers in full control of their gaming and browsing experiences.

Gaming ready with Twitch integration
Another handy feature for gamers is Opera GX’s Twitch integration. The browser lets you log into your Twitch accounts directly from the sidebar and will notify you when a streamer you follow goes live. The browser’s speed dial screen also features shortcuts to sites popular among gamers including Discord, YouTube and Reddit.

GX Corner for latest gaming news and deals
Opera didn’t stop at designing a browser for gamers. It also created the GX Corner, a place where gaming news from the Web will be presented along with curated gaming deals and information about new and interesting releases.

Gaming design, sound effects and gaming hardware integration
When you first start or upgrade Opera GX you will be welcomed by sounds and an animation sequence inspired by gaming consoles. The sound effects and musical logo creation in GX are a result of Opera’s collaboration with the sound designer Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist, who received a nomination in the BAFTA Games Awards for the original soundtrack to the GRIS game. The sound effects, as well as most browser features can be adjusted or switched off in the settings panel.
Opera GX comes out of the box with a sleek gaming-inspired design with dark and red elements. You can also choose a different highlight color from 10 suggested colours or go deeper and choose from 16 million possibilities using the extended color picker feature.

Opera’s powerful features are there
Opera GX includes all the features present in the popular Opera desktop browser currently used by 65 million users. This means that, apart from the Twitch integration, you can also activate the Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Vkontakte messengers in the sidebar to stay in touch with friends without the need to open separate tabs.
Opera’s built-in ad blocker will safeguard that websites load fast and distraction free while the free, no-log browser VPN will let gamers safely browse the Web when using public WiFi.


  • CPU and RAM Limiters
  • Cool and Customizable Aesthetics
  • Razer Chroma Integration
  • Comes with Non-Gaming Apps


  • Does not Dramatically Improves Your Gaming Performance
  • Won't Speed Up Web Games
  • CPU and RAM Limiters May Slow Down Your Browser When Left Enabled for a Long Time

Older versions

Opera GX for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 75.0.3969.259
  • 4.3
  • (286)
  • Security Status

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    Facebook at first note or liftup. I do not use Fb(i) that means "Fadebook", and never will get an account on it. I presume highly playing charasterics, as I am not a official e-player or advanced gamesman. And sorry for my french as here I have comme More


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