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A free gaming browser for Windows

Opera GX is a free and advanced web browser specifically designed for gamers. Available for download on Windows computers, Opera GX browser features a customizable interface, light and dark theme, sound effects, and extensions. It also provides users with a built-in ad blocker, free VPN, and a limiter that controls RAM, CPU, and network usage

With the help of Opera GX download, you can get the most of your system. It doesn’t matter whether you use the browser for gaming or general surfing; you will get access to advanced features that’ll improve the overall performance of your computer. In case you want to check out some popular Opera GX alternatives, you can explore apps like UC Browser, Beaker Browser, Chedot, and Brave.

What can users expect from Opera GX?

Users who download Opera GX will be happy to note that the application is fast, user-friendly, and feature-rich. It has a clean interface that easily integrates with different third-party applications so that users can instantly text with their friends, listen to their favorite podcasts, and connect with a gaming community. The gaming browser also includes various advanced tools that can help enhance system performance that makes browsing and gaming a breeze.

Does Opera GX have a simple interface?

One of the best things about Opera GX download is that it has a very distinctive interface. Unlike other web browsers, GX features a colorful and dark design, which is popular with gamers. The Opera gaming browser is also one of the first browsers to feature an animated logo when it starts. It also lets you set music so that whenever you open a tab, you can listen to your favorite tunes. Since the entire interface is customizable, users can easily make Opera GX their own.

What are the features of Opera GX?

Opera GX is based on Chromium and is designed to provide users with an enhanced gaming experience. The moment you open the application, you will be drawn into the world of games. This is because, unlike other web browsers, Opera GX features a color scheme that is similar to most gaming apps and devices. Since GX provides a customizable theme with various color options, there’s so much you can do in terms of the interface. 

Additionally, the web browser easily integrates with third-party applications like Twitch, Discord, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, among other apps. This feature is quite helpful as it lets users connect with their friends, listen to music, watch live streams, and get all the latest gaming news without any hassle. 

Once you download Opera GX on your Windows PC, you can enjoy watching videos while you work. This is possible via the detach function that lets you pin a browser window on top of other tabs. In terms of advanced features, Opera GX provides users with a free VPN so they can browse the web safely. It also comes with a built-in ad blocker that prevents trackers and advertisers from accessing your browsing behavior.

Is Opera GX on mobile?

If you’re looking for a web browser that works seamlessly on different platforms, Opera GX will not disappoint. It comes with an advanced file-sharing function that lets you easily send files, images, videos, links, and more from one device to the other. All you have to do is send the data you wish to receive on another device, scan the available QR code, and get access to the shared content.

Is Opera GX free?

Opera GX is a Chromium-based web browser that you can download on your Windows computer for free. It is quite comprehensive and provides users with various features. When it comes to safety, the Opera GX gaming browser prevents DLL hijacking and also protects against trackers. In fact, some of its safety features are better than other browsers in this category. 

Is Opera GX actually good?

Opera GX is one of the best web browsers for gamers. It features a range of advanced functions like RAM and network limiter, free VPN, ad blocker, and more to provide users with a seamless, safe browsing and gaming experience. It also comes with a customizable user interface and easily integrates with third-party applications. With an option for several extensions, Opera GX download for Windows is fast, secure, and free. It is also Windows 11 compatible.

The first gaming browser

Opera GX features a new, gaming-inspired design and an array of features that let you not only customize the look of your browser but also limit your computer’s CPU and memory usage.

GX Control lets users control the CPU and RAM usage by the browser
The GX Control panel is a brand new feature which lets you define how much of your computer’s CPU or RAM you are willing to let your browser use. By toggling on the circle, one can choose to devote a certain percentage of the computer’s resources to the browser. Opera GX will stay within these limits. This means that, unlike other memory-hungry browsers, Opera GX puts gamers in full control of their gaming and browsing experiences.

Gaming ready with Twitch integration
Another handy feature for gamers is Opera GX’s Twitch integration. The browser lets you log into your Twitch accounts directly from the sidebar and will notify you when a streamer you follow goes live. The browser’s speed dial screen also features shortcuts to sites popular among gamers including Discord, YouTube and Reddit.

GX Corner for latest gaming news and deals
Opera didn’t stop at designing a browser for gamers. It also created the GX Corner, a place where gaming news from the Web will be presented along with curated gaming deals and information about new and interesting releases.

Gaming design, sound effects and gaming hardware integration
When you first start or upgrade Opera GX you will be welcomed by sounds and an animation sequence inspired by gaming consoles. The sound effects and musical logo creation in GX are a result of Opera’s collaboration with the sound designer Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist, who received a nomination in the BAFTA Games Awards for the original soundtrack to the GRIS game. The sound effects, as well as most browser features can be adjusted or switched off in the settings panel.
Opera GX comes out of the box with a sleek gaming-inspired design with dark and red elements. You can also choose a different highlight color from 10 suggested colours or go deeper and choose from 16 million possibilities using the extended color picker feature.

Opera’s powerful features are there
Opera GX includes all the features present in the popular Opera desktop browser currently used by 65 million users. This means that, apart from the Twitch integration, you can also activate the Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Vkontakte messengers in the sidebar to stay in touch with friends without the need to open separate tabs.
Opera’s built-in ad blocker will safeguard that websites load fast and distraction free while the free, no-log browser VPN will let gamers safely browse the Web when using public WiFi.


  • Has a customizable user interface
  • Comes with a built-in ad blocker
  • Provides free VPN
  • Lets users limit RAM and network usage


  • May seem overwhelming

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

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Opera GX for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 95.0.4635.46
  • 4.3

  • Security Status

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